Jane March is a premade sim in The Sims 3, and is BPL BPL's wife in the "The Sims 3" series.

Even when murdered, she loved her husband very much, willingly, even happily, taking care of him without him doing any of the work.

She did not express much relationship for BPL's cat, although she did pick him up a few times, and filled his food bowl once.

She loved her son just as much as her husband, and cared for him as much as she could while being murdered.


Jane March



                                                                                    Name: Jane March BPL

                                                                                    Gender: Female

                                                                                    Age: 31 (Deceased)


                                                                                    Friends: BPL BPL, Texty BPL.

                                                                                    Enemies: None known.  

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